High quality map of Taipei?

I’m looking for a super high quality map of the greater Taipei area that I could download and print big enough to cover a whole wall. I want it detailed enough that I could see each individual road. A map of all of Taiwan would work too as I could crop it. I’ve tried Google Maps but just can’t get it how I want it. Does anyone know of any pre-existing digital maps that I could download?

For Google Maps, best would be to zoom in, manually crop and stitch together.

Otherwise, have you checked out artsy kinda stores and IKEA?

Tried that, but the maps themselves are very poor to begin with, and include so much unnecessary detail.

I want a digital one because I wish to edit it before printing and have it the exact right size for my wall.

I know @ttwan has one, but not sure where he bought it.

SVG format lets you resize it without getting pixelated.

Try different map and zoom layers on OSM.



Yea unfortunately the google map images themselves are stitched together, so you aren’t going to be able to print it on a wall and see individual houses and stuff. So you’ll have to work with what’s available. Even open map uses the same data as google map. I doubt they will go around flying aerial imaging missions themselves.

This is awesome! Works perfectly!

Thank you so much!

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I saved most of Taipei (use different zoom levels for the amount of detail) in about 70 MB.

Here is how part of it looks with 500x zoom.

no zoom cutout


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Already solved and I don’t know which kind of maps they have, but fyi


Personally, I prefer this one:


see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/About_OpenStreetMap

This is not just an online project. We are getting out from behind our computer screens, and surveying towns and countryside to create our maps. This is very much a community mapping effort. We use wiki-style collaborative editing software to support this, which means that our maps will keep growing bigger and better. If you have a GPS unit you can contribute any tracks you have recorded. We are also able to derive maps from Bing aerial imagery or other mapping techniques. You can start editing our maps straight away using the online “iD” editor, or download the JOSM desktop application.

i got it made by a print shop.

Where did you get that ?

Tom Parker Illustration’s Facebook.

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Thanks !!! :+1: