High-Quality Police Service

Just have to say that with all the bad press the police have been getting lately, the two who showed up at my house this morning were absolutely charming and most professional. Well, they were fairly annoyed at whomever had called in a complaint alleging that I was running a business out of my house (if you could move the dirty laundry aside, maybe it might be possible!) but they were quite nice to me, apologized profusely for disturbing me on such an unnecessary call, and even gave me some great suggestions for how to deal with the parties involved.

You go, police!! :smiley:

Wow, Ironlady, you sound like you’re under seige. (It was you that posted someone claimed you’d given them a reference right?) Everything alright?



You don’t run an illegal (feet)massage parlor, do you?:lol: :smiling_imp:

Anyway, I think they (the cops) are on to something here.
They were looking for the source of Segue’s, million dollar e-business.

Probably tipped by the guys from Tea… what?

I think this is serious stuff when they start checking people’s (foreigners) private houses. It’s to be concerned about.
BTW, did they have a search warrant?

cmon, they don’t need a search warrant to ring your bell and tell you that there’s been a complaint.

i was impressed the only time i needed police help. once when i was moving this fat bastard tried to jack the price up from the agreed $5000 to a nice $20000. wouldn’t take no for an answer, with all our stuff already loaded on the truck. when we called the cops one was there on a motorbike in not more than 1 minute. settled the problem in another minute–we paid them $1000 and they took all our stuff off the truck and left in on the curb.

Oh, don’t worry. I’ve got a good lawyer (actually a good law firm) and I’m not afraid to use them. I am sure that the people behind all this recent fuss will wisely decide that it is far more intelligent to leave everyone well enough alone, especially as they have severely embarassed themselves sending the police expecting to find a business and having the police find f*** all. I’m sure the tax office will have a record of the “concerned citizen” who made the report.

Oohhh, what will they try next? Tipping the police that I’ve got illegal software? Sorry, everything’s registered and legal here. Try for my motorcycle registration? Oops, don’t have one.

However, on the interesting side, apparently anyone can phone up the local police and lodge some complaint (“Bob is running an illegal business in his house”) and the police will compliantly trot over and knock on Bob’s door. Best of all, the heroes who give the police the information need not give their names. Well, a legal, registered business has nothing to worry about, nor does a person who is not running any business at all. I guess it’s just the shady characters who need to be worried, and I don’t fall into that category, so it’s no sweat for me. At least the police didn’t ask me to teach them English this time. :laughing: