High School = Teaching Certificate OR JVRC

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Question about getting work at public high schools. For high school openings, I often see the following qualifications; teaching certificate OR JVRC.

Given that JVRC has nothing to do with teaching, that makes me think those are both visa requirements only and that high schools would be willing to hire part time teachers who have already secured a visa elsewhere?

Part time work is the exception for public schools. Almost always full time. Any work based ARC won’t help you get a highschool job.


There are some loopholes that schools can employ people without teaching certificate, if they don’t need to be suported ARC and work permit.

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Please get a teaching certificate if you’re going to teach in public schools here.

There are few things more annoying than white men married to Taiwanese women who are otherwise totally unqualified to be in a classroom taking on English teaching jobs in public schools here. It also makes those of us with teaching certificates look bad, because everyone just assumes that 100% of the white people in 100% of the schools are just dumb white people who only got their job because they’re white, and not people who actually went to school to be qualified to be teachers.


ah, I guess this may not be a politically correct statement in western world.

meh, we’re not in the Western World, assuming Taiwan is in “The East” :laughing:

Factual statements are not politically correct? Color me (pun intended) surprised.

Why it is not black women married to Taiwanese women?

I feel like this thread is being hijacked.


Welcome to Forumosa, where threads are often co-opted by posters who have a vaguely related point or issue they want to get on their soapbox about.


The JFRV means the school can bypass the Ministry of Education who would otherwise reject the applicant. This loophole only applies to horrid white men, though.

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Keep in mind that a teaching certificate doesn’t take long to get, isn’t difficult, and everyone passes it. A JFRV is a life sentence.

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What a complete load of :racehorse: :poop:


Long shot here but how about this.
I’ve got my MA TESOL and certificates of service from university.
Does that count for anything?

Pieces of paper help, but are not a guarantee. I’ve also met some “certified” teachers who were terrible in the classroom.


If you have an otherwise good resume you can get a substitute teaching license over a weekend. Some schools will accept that. I’ll agree with NZ, if you don’t have any experience don’t try the public schools. It’s not a big step up from buxiban work anyway.


There are a ton of certified teachers that are horrible teachers teaching right now at my old university back home. That piece of paper doesn’t magically make someone a good teacher.

To the question though, as I understand the MOI insists that teachers be certified, APRC JFRV or not. Now, many schools will even hire Westerners to teach with no qualifications but yes, it is against the regulations.


there are regulations that allow schools hire them.

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