High Speed Rail Company No. (Anyone know how to get a receipt?)

I am a bit embarrassed to ask my colleagues the process of purchasing THSR tickets with a company no. ~ I was hoping someone here could just explain it to me with the expat explanation!

Essentially, I’m trying to understand the differences of purchasing in-person, online, and on the mobile app. They gave me the company no. but I know I am suppose to purchase first and then ask for reimbursement. To be honest, I’m not sure what this number does- I just know you go to the corporate account line. I did this in-person for the first time the other day and they only gave me the ticket, no receipt. I just wanted to check if anyone else fully knows this process (aka do I just keep the ticket and show it to my financial department or do you need to physically ask for a receipt from the THSR ticket counter)

I hope I made sense. I think I am stressing over what seems simple here! I know I should ask but I’ve asked so many small questions that I feel a bit embarrassed to ask my work now as they make it seem like it is an obvious answer.

I keep the ticket and put it through expenses.


All the relevant info is on the ticket and the receipt as well. Ive submitted the tickets themselves and been reimbursed from overseas employers without issues.

Also, the info desk people can prob walk you through your questions or give you any documentation you may need.

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You need to ask your company.

The HSR lets you keep your ticket when you scan out (unlike a train ticket or a token in the MRT). I keep that ticket and turn it in for expenses and believe that’s fairly standard. If you want to use the company tax ID number, you need to purchase in person (as opposed to online or using the mobile app).

CORRECTED - you can indeed use the tax number when online as posted below.


That’s not the case.

When buying online you can add your companies tax number


Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate the kindness in your answers in helping me to understand how the process works in Taiwan :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community.

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