High Speed Train / discounted tickets

according to their website elderly people aged 65 above just pay half price of the fullfare ticket …

To be specific, they talk about RESIDENTS aged 65 and above …

Sorry, english is not my motherlanguage, my parents are coming and we need to take the high-speed train.
Parents are (as you can imagine) non-taiwanese, so are they eligable for discounted tickets as well ??

and off topic
what does residents exactely mean ?

only taiwanese people ?
foreigner with an ARC card ?

Although I believe the regulation may be that some form of official residency is required (e.g., ARC), in practice I didn’t have any problem buying discounted high speed rail tickets for my parents when they were here a couple of months ago.

discounted tickets for elderly is apparently only available if you buy from the manual ticketing booth, no discount when bought from the auto vendor.

The aged ticket info. cited from THSRC website…

source from: thsrc.com.tw/en/ticket/tic_guide.asp see Point 3 of Ticket Fare Section.