High wattage laser diodes

Any shops that carry them? I’d almost prefer a tube but a 5W green is probably enough. I would also like a high power UV.

Guanghua 4th Storey

From escalator, turn left. Then left again. Store is on the left.

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I got a 35w laser tube that I took off my laser cutter… Yours for 500.

Be aware that a 5w visible light laser is incredibly dangerous, even looking at the beam reflection will blind you.


Yes in usa illegal…

Only in a hand held device. Class 4 isn’t illegal if used in stationary machines. But high powered visible light laser is useless. Any power level that can cut anything is also insanely dangerous to be around. Co2 laser isn’t that dangerous to the eye because that frequency won’t make its way to your retina, but it does burn.

Haha of course hand held lasers are sweeeeeet!
How much are they here in tw? Is green the only color?

They have blue ones too… No idea if the wattage is accurate. But just be careful.

What are they used for, blind pilots, destroy camera sensors?

They’re basically toys. Not useful for anything, and you can’t engrave with it unless it’s on a cnc carriage.

what is the use you are looking for?
I have various wavelengths / divergence / TEM

and yes … co2 is dangerous, any wavelength at a high enough Mw will damage your eyes, in fact non visible wavelengths at say commonly 1046nm or 360nm are more dangerous IRL because people wont use blink aversion (when u see a bright light u blink or look away.)

What wavelength? I’m guessing it’s a CO2 IR tube?

Hah. Thanks. I was going there today anyway.

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CO2 is always IR.

As compared to, for example, a helium-neon laser tube, which would be red, or a xenon which would be UV. . . .