HIII Frens Please Help me Regarding GEPT and G-TELP Test

HIIIII every one

I am Rahul, and i belong to India.

I am a research student in English literature at Delhi university in India. I want to become a rater of English tests in foreign countries

Currently i am looking for a few details on two English tests in Taiwan mainly GEPT and G-TELP

i want to know

what is the compensation ( Salary) structure of a examiner for these tests in Taiwan. i.e. they are full time employees or part time and how they are paid means daily basis, or on the basis of number of test they score and how much they are paid for one test

Do the examiners go through any calibration before they start rating the test ?
if yes please describe how the calibration is done means time required, process and frequency

is there any certification required to be a rater for these exams

Kindly provide me your valueable inputs


Rahul Sharma



Pretty soon the world will belong to India. Here we are trying to get jobs,and you’re trying to outsource them out from under our feet. Congratulations, young man. You will die rich. :slight_smile:

To answer your questions, the GEPT is managed by an organisation called LTTC and they also administer the TOEFL and other tests in Taiwan. They would be the best people to ask, however they refuse to give out any information about the test to casual enquirers and I don’t imagine they will be very helpful.

My guess is that you need to be a) ‘properly’ qualified, and b) a native speaker of English.

Addressing b first, I can’t see anything in your post indicating that you’re not a native speaker of English. I wouldn’t dismiss you out of hand, however the people at LTTC probably will. The Taiwan government maintains a list of countries that are acceptable to qualify for native-speaker status, and as far as I know India isn’t on it.

As for what constitutes properly qualified, it could be anything. There may be some special course, you may need to have a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from one of a select number of schools in the USA, you may just need to walk in and ask for a job. I have no ides, although the Taiwanese like paper credentials.

Best of luck with it, and if you find out then please do let the rest of us know.

PS And when you’re a millionaire, remember that I was the first to try and help you.