Hikes in and around Taipei

I found it. Managed to get around the dogs (well there was one with a limp that tried to scare me away but then he ran into th bushes. The other two just kinda watched me and back off as I approached. I’m know sure how dangerous they can be)
I guess that trail must be the one marked as qiyanshan on Google maps
To be honest I was a bit of a pussy and turned back though. It was kind of overgrown and I was nervous of snakes

Did you get over the ridge? It’s always been pretty well covered with those yellow flower vines, but there was always a fairly distinct trail when I went. It was cool because it gave a feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, but now they built a big building there, a few actually. Rest of the way once you get to the woods is pretty normal.

Yeah, the whole trail is on google maps.

I think I did, I followed the path past the structure for about 10 mins. I turned back because a lot of the dirt path was covered; it felt like a high snake risk area and I’m not confident dealing with bites on my own

Not so many people going that way lately I guess

You’re never alone. Veteran’s Hospital is less than a 1000 paces away. :rofl:

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You need to get a trekking pole. Not only it helps you with steep grades but you can use it to disturb any overgrown area to scare off any snakes. Never put your feet into thick grass without disturbing it with a stick first.

And a bell. A little bell on your pack warns the snake you are coming, or else a Bluetooth speaker blasting out some sweet nakasi music.

Guanyinshan 觀音山

This gave me a chuckle
Seems you can take either the easy path or the tough route used for military training up there. It’s the mountain you see on the other side of the river from guandu

I also read about this one
Wuliaojian 五寮尖
Looks pretty serious, probably similar to huangdidian?


Mad I never hear about any of these cool hikes until I start looking for them.

I had the idea of collating all the info into the OP but I can’t seem to edit it. But I guess that’s fine

Did it once about 28 years ago, that was enough. Heck of a walk down paved roads to Bali

Wuliaojian is amazing. Basically a rollercoaster but powered with your own legs. The big problem with it is you can get stuck on an exposed ridgeline for a long time because people have real trouble negotiating the very long vertical rope climbs. I’ve seen people reduced to blubbering wrecks from a sudden attack of the yips on those ropes. So avoid weekends in the middle of summer.