Hiking and River Tracing in Hualien and Taroko Gorge Areas

Hello All,

Just putting out the signpost for Hualien Outdoors. We do hiking, river tracing, wild hot spring and surfing trips. We also have an outdoor school for the kids. We take small groups to both the classic and the hidden places. Our bilingual guides have all lived here for years so we know the places that most others don’t. And we love taking people there. We do day trips and weekend packages, all with gourmet breakfasts and lunches included, as well as transportation, equipment, insurance and lots of extra water. Some of the classic routes we do:

[ul][li]Zhuilu Old Trail in Taroko[/li]
[li]Wenshan-Lushui trail in Taroko[/li]
[li]Dali-Datong Villages trail in Taroko[/li]
[li]Lotus Pond trail in Taroko[/li]
[li]A few other trails without names[/li][/ul]

River Tracing
[ul][li]Golden Grotto/Valley/Canyon in Sanzhan[/li]
[li]Mugumuyu in Tongmen[/li]
[li]Erzhi wild hot springs in Shoufeng[/li]
[li]Mud baths in Wanrong[/li]
[li]Shakadang in Hualien[/li]
[li]A ton of other places with and without names[/li][/ul]

All our trips are decided by taking local conditions, group experience and the weather in account. No two trips are ever the same. If you want some info about outdoor activities in the Hualien and Taroko Gorge areas, just fire off an email or visit our Web site.

these guys had fun:
youtube.com/watch?feature=pl … xxEWPM_eE#!