Hiking in Taipei

Hello. I was wondering… what is the furthest one can hike? Can you potentially go further than what has been written about?

Thanks in advance.

From Yongning station, you can walk about 15 minutes up Chengtian Road to the trailhead for Chengtian Chan Temple. Then around there is a system of trails, if I remember correctly.

Cool. Thanks for the fast reply, Chris. I’ll check those trails out. How about other areas of western Taipei? Any noteworthy nature strolls that are overlooked or not really written about in guidebooks?

What do you mean by western Taipei? Western Taipei is the Ximending area and the western most part of Ximending is Danshui river. Or do you mean Taipei county? There’s only the Linkou plateau out that way AFAIK.

Western Taipei = Western part of the county. Other parts of the county would be nice, too (why I changed it up).

How would I get to the Linkou plateau? I just read a bit about it and it sounds interesting.

How would I get to the Linkou plateau? I just read a bit about it and it sounds interesting.[/quote]
Don’t let the word plateau mislead you. You’re not gonna find herds of roaming buffalo on a wide grassy plain if that’s what you’re thinking. Linkou plateau is pretty developed and industrialized in some parts. For good hikes, there’s already a 60-plus page hiking thread that contains lots of good hikes in and around Taipei. They’re mostly in the north, east, and south of Taipei, but not western Taipei.

I’m not sure what you mean by “the furthest one can hike”. You could hike all the way to Kending, for example.

Taipei is surrounded on all sides by mountains, and these mountains all have extensive trail systems. And most of them join onto other trail systems, so in theory you could hike to practically anywhere in Taiwan by sticking to trails.