Hiking Trail: Jun Jiao Yan (Taipei)


Just hiked/biked this trail today. Some info before I forget:

Name: Jun Jiao Yan Trail
Location: Tienmu area to Beitou (or reverse)
Length: Uncertain, less than 5 kms.
Altitude: Highest point is around 1000m as I recall.
Terrain: Mountainous. Lots of steps/stairs at the beginning and end. Up and down sections along the top of the ridge.

Suitability: Moderate, short hike. About 2 hours without stops. Not suitable for mountain biking unless biker has high technical skill and is still willing to carry bike up and down many steps.

Hazards: Not many. Along the ridge, where you see some steps made from wood usually, watch very carefully. Workers, who used rebar to hold the steps in place, left some rebar sticking out of the ground in several places. Normally only 3-4" in length, but one place has pieces nearly 1 meter tall, directly in the path. Quite dangerous, especially if moving quickly, like on a bike. Think “skewer”.

Tricky Places: The trail branches a lot. I believe nearly all of the branches converge again. I kept taking the trails that seemed to follow the ridge. Turned out to be the main trail. At the middle of the trail, near the temple (see below), the trail disappears. It actually continues behind the temple. Walk briefly on the paved road to get to the restart of the trail.

Highlights: Some nice views along the trail of the ridge, rock formations, and the city below. In the middle of the trail is a nice site – Zhaoming Temple. Not the largest temple, but it has charm and an interesting display of a few hundred saint idols elevated near the roof. Very easy to reach on MRT (both ends).

How to find it:

  • From Tienmu area (recommended start): Starting from the Shipai MRT station, go north toward Beitou along the path of the MRT. When you see Li Nong St., turn right. Almost immediately, turn left into National Yang Ming University (medical school). Go through the gates and straight ahead onto campus. Climb the main hill (paved road). Near the top of the hill there is a trail map on the right side of the road (about 50m beyond a nice wooden pavillion). The entrance to the trail in just uphill from the trail map, up stairs on the right.

  • From Beitou area: Starting from Qiyan MRT station, go east on San He St. to Gong Guan Rd. and turn right. Take Gong Guan Rd. to Cheng Yang 1st Rd. and turn left (up the mountain). When you get to Qiyan Rd., fork left and along the mountain. Qiyan Rd. will be your first chance to stop climbing up – sure you won’t miss it! Continue on Qiyan Rd. through one or more neighborhoods until you see a large gray stone wall on the right. There will be a sign there for “Zhaoming Temple”. Climb the steps through the gray wall and head up the trail to your left. Within a short time, if you walk past three or more giant concrete mushrooms, you’re on the right path.


Thanks for writing that up. Sounds really worthwhile, and especially nice to be able to enter and exit the area using public transport.

yeah all the trails basically converge. i’m working on a map of this area, one day i’ll post it here.

you missed probably the nicest starting spot, get off at qili’an station, cross street and walk right into park. climb up one of many trails to top, there is an enclosed exercise area/rest spot at top. hop wall in back right corner and follow footpath around ridge and up hill into woods. follow that trail all the way, it will take you to a small paved road. go up it, it goes to the yangming college athletic fields. go across the fields and back onto the trail, this leads to the lower trail that heads towards beitou. a connecting trail leads to the upper trail that goes directly to “battleship rock”–jun jian yan–if that is your aim. sitting up on that rock is nice, but the lower trail is a lot cooler on a hot day!