Hillary 2024!

Would you vote for Hillary in 2024 against Trump?

  • Hillary
  • Trump
  • Please kill me (the person taking the poll…not the one creating it)

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She’s the ONLY reason I’d vote for Trump again. That chick has issues.


If we really come down to this choice, we deserve it. These are probably the worst two “viable” candidates each party could nominate.


Yep, that’s how it works. I’d be going 3rd party, I’m sure.


Might the year for the libertarian party if that’s the case.

I’m not sure id vote for Trump again, I know I wouldn’t vote for Hillary.

Spontaneous 3rds? Or some friggin Green candidate?

Someone… good? I hope? I like what I hear from Yang. Someone serious will have to step up.

Meh, I like Yang, but he’s a cog in the technocratic machine, not a leader. I’m sure the dems would woo and abuse him like Bernie.

The media destroyed Gary Johnson, who I know was not without his faults and weaknesses, in a 2016 election which should have seen him do better. If the Libertarians couldn’t do better in 2016, I don’t see them doing so in 2024, despite almost definitely getting my vote.

It sounds like he may not be planning on running himself, but is setting up the machinery to establish a 3rd party and put up a candidate. I got that feeling listening to him, but I could be totally wrong, obv. Anyway, if it’s Trump, Hillary, or Yang, I know who’s getting my vote.

President Xi? Or suicide?

It’s a no-win situation as I hate them both. I’d probably vote for Hillary as I agree with her on climate change policies and she’d nominate a liberal for SCOTUS when Breyer carks it, but besides that it’d be a pretty awful pick. Trump is just dangerously anti-democracy and personally spiteful and even hateful towards anyone who doesn’t agree with him or act subservient to him, so I can’t vote for him.

I’d vote for a moderate-to-liberal Republican, like a Charlie Baker or Larry Hogan or Adam Kinzinger, over Hillary. But there’s almost no one who could run that would make me choose Trump though.

Not eye-patch guy? He’s been pulling the reigns of the deep right for a while.

What about Mitt or Jersey Boy Christie whose book is duuuuuull it makes me feel he personally wrote it.

You’re lucky in that respect. I still hate Hillary more. Too much proof, too much pudding.

Yes, I’d probably vote for Mitt over her. If it was Christie or patchy, I’d probably just sit it out.

Neither Christie or Mitt will play second fiddle. That’s Dan. Could be something shiny to ween the Trumpers off Trump. Way too early to know though. I’ll have to slog through Christies book. Right now, he’s just bitching about teacher’s unions. Not winning my heart and mind. lol

That was Richard Gere, I didn’t recognize him at first, then be starts behaving like a whiney little bitch and I’m like “oh that’s Richard Gere”.

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I’d vote for Trump just to trigger the flakes.
But honestly, I have never voted since moving here.

In what world would those 2 run against each other in 24?

She’s the fakest politician I’ve ever seen. So obvious. I dunno how anyone fails to see that.

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Why, cause all the other ones are so real?