Hillary Clinton autobio "censored" in China

Funny! Not Funny! Seems the Chicoms have heavily “edited” Ms Clinton’s new book. And she is angry. Good! I hope she sues the SOBs!

The same book was published here in Mandarin with NO edits. No cuts. Why can’t China be more “civilized?”


Hillary Clinton autobio “censored” in China

By The New York Times, Beijing Bureau


nytimes.com/2003/09/24/inter … IN.html?hp

In her autobiography, “Living History,” US Democratic Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton recounts how China’s imprisonment of a prominent human rights activist, Harry Wu, caused a sensation in the United States and nearly derailed her plans to attend a United Nations women’s conference held in Beijing in 1995.

In the officially licensed Chinese edition of Mrs. Clinton’s book, though, Mr. Wu makes just a cameo appearance. While named, he is otherwise identified only as a person who was “prosecuted for espionage and detained awaiting trial.”

Mrs. Clinton’s book has become a major best seller in China, as it has in the United States, and her smiling likeness decorates bookstores and airport shops nationwide. Yilin Press, the government-owned publisher of the mainland version of the book, says it has become the most popular foreign political memoir in Chinese history, with 200,000 copies sold in just over a month.

But nearly everything Mrs. Clinton had to say about China, including descriptions of her own visits here, former President Bill Clinton’s meetings with Chinese leaders and her criticisms of Communist Party social controls and human rights policies, has been shortened or selectively excerpted to remove commentary deemed offensive by Beijing.

The Chinese publisher has acknowledged making changes in the text but said they were “minor, technical” alternations that did not affect the integrity of the book.

Mrs. Clinton and Simon & Schuster, her American publisher, dispute that. “I was amazed and outraged to hear about this,” Senator Clinton said in Washington today. “They censored my book, just like they tried to censor me.”

That’s one for about every 7,000 Chinese. Wow, if they pass the copies around and it takes everyone a week to read it, they should be done in 140 years or so.

Anyway, if she really does become an icon for some Chinese, I’m sure those missing excerpts will find their way around somehow.

How could she be amazed about China’s particular actions, given what she wrote about that country’s government in her book? She must have been sharing that crack pipe with Feiren.

I recall one of (over-the)Hill’s first impressions of China. It was that UN women’s conference in Beijing. She and the other ‘ladies’ were bullied and harassed by Chinese officials:

“Chinese authorities, afraid the forum’s talks may infect Chinese citizens, have broken up meetings, confiscated literature and harassed and shadowed delegates.”

She must have hated Bejing at that time. But why then was Slick Willy Clinton such a Beijing-a$$ kisser? Suggests she had little influence on his policies.


this is a website that details the changes the Chinese made. WOW