HiNet ADSL Hell

My ADSL has suddenly slowed to a desperate crawl since Friday night. :frowning: It’s taking almost 5 minutes to load a page. It also says ‘detecting proxy settings’ when connecting now, so I assume I’m going through a proxy server.

I’m on the HiNet 512 plan in Ta An district. Perhaps they are doing some maintenance. Is it just me?


I’m in the same district. I’ve had some trouble off and on for the past few weeks, but it has been getting better. I don’t get five minute page downloads–just a lot of refreshing the page when the connection is slow.

My gf’s computer whiz buddy told her that Taiwan’s net infrastructure took a hit due to one natural disaster or another a few months back, and that has slowed people down in certain areas. Apparently teams of experts are working around the clock to repair the system :wink: .

Sorry I can’t be more specific.

Anyone else getting horribly slow download speeds with Hinet ADSL? I can hardly use e-mail anymore. I’m switching to cable modem.

I seem to be right today, but on Tues and Wed it was terrible, that’s Yungho.

Was at a bit of a party this morning in which a Chunghwa engineer failed to repair a customer’s ADSL service; a second engineer likewise failed (“upgrading” the firmware, but this was later proven false by the THIRD engineer who really DID upgrade it). Since the person on the account locked the door and told the engineers they were not leaving until the problem was solved, they called their manager, who called the police, who came (five showed up, two stayed for the duration) and chatted with us until, several hours, two middle managers and two new technicians later, they DID something. It’s still not perfect but somewhat improved, I guess.

Can’t say I minded seeing somebody hold Chunghwa’s feet to the fire…

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we’ve been discussing this on this thread, too.

Tonight seems better though. And the engineers tried to tell me it was my pc!

Even though NOTHING had changed on my system since I used it a month ago (no problems then)…

I guess everyone has their own solution!


If it’s any consolation, I have a So-net account and my connection has the same symptoms. Maybe it’s a Chunghwa Telecom screwup.

CHT is having some problems with there backbone, our office VPN refused to connect to back office ( no work :laughing: :laughing: ) anyway after a lot of dubugging there where two boxes ( recently installed ) which where sending incorrect packets back…

Inshort CHT is really upgrading the hardware but it is not going as smooth as they expected.

Plus if it CHT backbone problem switching to cable will not help.

They have other problems too: Just go to www.msa.hinet.net and click on the link to apply for a new account. Your browser should warn you first that a secure connection will be established - and then it should warn you that the owner of the certificate is not the same as the one establishing the connection. Check the certificate: It is for a “company” (or whatever) called “Snake Oil”, with an invalid (or do we have “.dom” TLDs now?) URL, expired a long time ago.
I called their service and tried to explain that problem. The lady admitted that she didn’t understand what I spoke about (in Chinese). I asked her just to tell their engineers exactly what I told her, but I guess she didn’t get it. Before hanging up, she still recommended me to switch of my virus scanner… :?
Now imagine: Would you let the police into your place when they identify themselves with a “Hello Kitty Club” members card issued on the name “Donald Duck”?
“We are professionell, we have experience…”

I’m having a lot of trouble with Hinet this week…

I recently upgraded to 1.5m, and for the first ten days or so, I had few or no problems, but recently, yikes… are hinet having problems again? Last time I called them they told me it was my pc, but it wasn’t

It is causing Opera 7.0 to crash, and IE takes forever to load pages, and yet I can play streaming audio fine… so tell me it’s my pc… I don’t think so!

Other symptoms:
Hotmail is SLOW; I can’t connect to some pages; some radio stations aren’t there, others are. frequent server disconnects… etc…

Is anyone experiencing the same this week?


I had the same problem – web pages taking forever to load or not loading at all, but getting excellent download times on Kazaa and other apps over ADSL. My guess was that a crappy proxy server somewhere was slowing things up.

This fixed things for me using IE6:

Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings
and unselect “Automatically detect settings”

I’ve never had a “bad Internet day” since.

If anybody tries this and it works for them, please let me know. I’d like to identify the bad proxy.

Ditto the above advice. Last time I had a problem I called Hinet and that was the advice I received. Big improvement.

Hey it worked, thanks!Monkey.

Worked a treat… in IE…

Still can’t figure out why Opera was going belly up on me… anyway, I’m now trying K-meleon which is fast and stable so far.


[quote]This fixed things for me using IE6:

Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings
and unselect “Automatically detect settings”

I’ve been having a shitty time with IE recently too, and I checked my settings. “automatically detect settings” was not selected :frowning: No hope for me.



Why don’t you try another browser?

Also, did you set a proxy for Hinet?


What browser should we used, and what proxy should we use ?

Does anyone have any definate fixes, not just random things to try ?

I tried the fix … and it didn’t do any good. I’m still getting lots of “Page Cannot Be Displayed” messages, as well as pages taking ages to load. The speed on downloading songs from Kazaa still seems to be normal though. What gives?

I’d suggest that you try…

If you are using Enternet 300, go to there delete your profile, don’t forget your password and ID. Delete your current profile then click on ‘create new profile’ from scratch. Very easy.

If that fails, make sure that your connections are good between the pc and the phone line and the router box.

If that fails, call Hinet. And ask for networking help. They may have someone who speaks English!

If that fails… Uninstall the Enternet 300 software and reboot. Then reinstall that.

If that fails… take your pc to an engineer and have them reinstall the networking drivers for you, reboot, then install the Enternet 300 software again. Try it out, too.

If that fails, pray to god.


[quote]Why don’t you try another browser?

Also, did you set a proxy for Hinet?

I don;t want to change browsers because I’m not good with computers, I’m used to IE and I want to keep things simple. Proxy for Hinet is not set.

It’s still the same, and I’m sure it’s a HiNet thing. Allw as fine untila month or two ago.


Instead of doing monkey’s tip, which is pretty good, another way is to flush out the DNS.

Start --> Run… --> (in the new window, type “cmd”) --> (at prompt, type “ipconfig /flushdns”, hit enter) --> done!

DNS is cached in your computer and sometimes needs to be flushed. Network problems attribute to various things, one of them is bad DNS servers. Flushing it will make room for your provider to DHCP you a new (and usually functioning) set.