HiNet(Chunghwa Telecom) - Download limits?

Hey people,
I’m here in Taiwan on some youth program and the family i’m living with has HiNet ADSL.
So , I was wondering if HiNet has some sort of download limits? like 1gb/2gb per month?
Because I’m a heavy downloader, so I don’t want that the family gets a heavy phone bill.
I think they are on the 8M/640 tariff plan.

Waiting for your replies,

I’ve never heard of Hinet having any d/l limit.
It’s not uncommon for me to d/l 50gig a month and i share the adsl connection with my brother in law and he probably d/l a similar amount…never had any extra charges or cease and desist letters from hinet…yet.

No limits, but Hinet slows down quite a bit at night.

best news ever man, thanks a ton you guys. xD

one of the best things of being away from Australia.

Or on the weekends for me. I had lag of 3500 at one point this weekend. Nothing could connect except for skype. All the issue seemed to be with Hinet’s router. The two problems were here:

220-130-128-254.HINET-IP.hinet.net []
and here:
tp-s2-c76r5.router.hinet.net []

I haven’t been downloading any torrents only listening to music on youtube and podcasts. As a heads up, they may not have a download limit, but they may throttle down your connection speed during “peak times”.