Hinet - free web space? Translate please


Anyone have a translation on the above link and what it means for those with ADSL?

I read on cough, cough, Tealit, that ADSL customers get free webspace. Is it true? If so, how do I connect without having to talk with the idiots at chung hua?

Someone did, in the Technology forum I guess, can’t find it now though :blush:

Translated (tried to…at least…) the ‘Services’ part:

  1. If you have ADSL, you get 30MB of free webspace. (I think there’s also a max. 1000 files limit).
  2. You also get free personal guestbook, discussion forum, and those ‘number of people visited’ counter.
  3. You can use the web address they provide you, which is (1)http://your_account_name.myweb.hinet.net/, or (2)you can re-direct the web address you already have to (1)
  4. You can register your webpage on HiNet’s search engine

You don’t need to talk to anyone at Chung Hua to register. Just click ‘申請註冊’ and have your HiNet account number and password ready. I think you also need to have a Hinet email address.

Hope this helped :wink:

[HINET ADSL free hosting, how do I use it? :notworthy: