Hinet has many problems?


I am an ADSL user with hinet and they seem to have problems with their email server at least once every 2 weeks where you cant recieve email for 12-24 hours and if people sent messages to me they got a bounced back message saying that my address had permanent fatal errors. I never had these kind of problems with my previous ISP. Do others also have these type of problems with Hinet? Pretty crappy ISP.



yeah, they’re crap. call Alan.


So what do we do when we’ve signed on for 2 years of HiNet ADSL and it turns out to be slower than their dial-up service?


Hinets ADSL mailserver has been down for 14 hours as I type now.


Unibomb HiNet!


Don’t know what their problem is nowadays. I used to never have trouble, but now I’m cursed! Not the only one, I see.


Yes I found that last nite the mail server was having problems, but Hi Net ADSL being slower than dial up? I dont think so. Apart from the email server problems, which personally doesnt worry me, but if i had an important email yes it would, anyway apart from that, Hi Net is great, for me anyway.


It IS slower than dialup.

We just got teh HiNetADSL put in the other day…before that I was using a prepaid HiNet dial-up card ($499 for 2 months unlimited use). Should have stuck with that…now I can’t call my mom on the videophone anymore, our voices break up on regular Internet phone calls too, which didn’t happen with dial-up!! Half the time I can’t connect to sites like Google… What’s the point of getting ADSL if the service is crappy?? I’d almost prefer to pay for the phone service I use for the dial-up service – at least I could do what I wanted to do.

I may pay Chunghwa a visit tomorrow morning at 8 (the best time to “visit them” if you want peace and quiet and reasonably quick service).



Well if your Hi Net ADSL setup is slower than the dialup setup you were using, something is majorly wrong. Id definitely call Chung Hwa Telecom about it. I dont have any of the problems you list. I constantly use voice/video to other countries and send/receive a lot of data. So ADSL should be faster, something evil is just happening on your end I would say.


I was one of the first 10,000 in people in Taiwan to sign up for Hinet ADSL and it has worked flawlessly. I highly reccommend it. It seemed a little pricey so I switched to Giganet. They really sucked. Too slow. Hinet recently lowered their prices again so now I am back with them at incredible speeds for cheaper prices. I love my 1.5MB/384K. Sometimes my outgoing email has trouble, I just change the SMTP server from msa to anything between ms1 to ms9. I have never had any downloading problems.