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I need to find a Taipei-based graphic design company that has the talent to design packaging, brochures, website, etc. for a product line that will be launched in the U.S. I’ve worked with Taiwanese design companies in the past, only to discover that most of them have no understanding of what an American consumer wants to see. The designs are unuseable.

Do any of you know of a design firm (not interested in one-man shops–I need a team) that specializes in Taiwan-origin products that are sold to Western markets? I need a group that is attuned to popular culture yet mature, a company that specializes in cutting-edge, consumer-focused, exported products. I am biased toward simple, clean, high-impact images and colors.

Perhaps I’ll need to work with a group that employs ABCs, though I’m concerned about brain drain in such a case (i.e. the theory that all of the truly talented designers would choose to live where they can command the highest price).

If any of you know of such a design firm in Taipei? If so, please post the information here, or send me a PM.



I know a European industrial designer. When I find his card, I’ll send you his details.

Thanks mate, but I need a design group that focuses on consumer product packaging design.

I know the owner of the company that does all of Coca Cola’s local design packaging and promotions. Send me a PM with an email address and I can put you in touch.

Check out


I know they have worked for many of Taiwan’s best companies and the owner is a really nice guy.


I wish I could help but I haven’t worked with anyone in that works specifically in packaging. I was wondering though what your motivation was for hiring a large group of people vs. say an art director and/or a designer?