Hip Hop Dance Group?


Hey Forumosans,

I’m interested in joining a recreational dance group. I see them all the time in MRT stations and parks, but they seem like school clubs. Are there any that are open to a beginner foreigner?



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I would suggest OP take a class (or two) and get to know people or ask the instructor.

Not sure how people would feel you walking up to them in the MRT stations and asking if you can join. You may be intruding on their practice time!


I doubt it.
That particular crew could do a lot better bank in this sort of outfit:


I don’t know hip hop dance groups. Maybe ask one if you see one. I feel like they are the type of people that are pretty accepting if you want to join and have fun with them.


How old are you OP? Then we can point you in the right direction. Yes, it is mostly a school groups thing, but they take it very seriously.

BTW, I am into zumba.


I’m 26, and yeah, I’m not gonna just walk up and insert myself into a dance practice.


Any idea where?


There’s a lot of studios near Zhongxiao Fuxing or the Sogo area. If you’re here as a student, ask local students and see if they know of any groups or classes.

Try Googling “舞導教室” and adding hip hop or whatever style of dance at the end in English.

If you’re going to hop on to a “practice” in the MRT underground areas, I would assume the best time is when they are taking a break.

Good luck!