Hired Help from a Local Person for Navigating Alienating Bureaucracy

So title says it all… where can I find such a person? No real requirements, just needs to be generally competent and speak good enough English. Willing to pay them of course. Don’t want the gf involved because this is complicated and could put strain on the relationship… therefore a third party is needed. I don’t want to bother with friends by putting strain on them either… this has to be a paid thing. Wondering if someone knows someone reliable or if there are any places to find such people. Thanks.

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I was aware of one company that tried to do a service like that… But at the end of the day if you show up and only speak English they will find a staff member who will help you… That’s why the company failed.

Doing a quick google search I found this 【 Assistant Service 】

But the offers are a bit ridiculous… $20,000 NTD for the drivers test??? WTF??? I could go to any driving school, speak English and get an instructor for half that with haggling (in English) or at least 5,000 off.

What is it exactly that you need doing?

Also $2,000 ntd for license conversion??? That took me less that 30 minutes at the DMV!

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That’s on a need to know basis. But the way I do things is usually very head-on, which the missus doesn’t like, but it’s the only way to get things done as far as I’m concerned. So basically a third party is needed as pretty much a translator and buffer between myself and government bureaucrats. The other half will take what they say too literally, doesn’t want to rock the boat, thus time is wasted and important things are left undone. I just need someone that will attempt all of my “out of the box” ideas and efforts who won’t give up too easily, and in fact, will not be allowed to give up, and I’m willing to pay because this is not going to be that pleasant, and of course because of all the time involved.


I think there was someone on Forumosa offering exactly that. Maybe on the gold card thread? I’ll link it when I find it again.

I agree with @comfy123 that in many, many cases this is not necessary, because many Taiwanese go out of their way to help (western looking) foreigners.

But Taiwan beurocracy can be intimidating nonethess. So this kind of service might still work, somehow.

I thought so too. Maybe these people?


Thank you for digging that out. Yeah, it might have been that one. Anyway, that should help the OP!

But not 199% sure… I remember maybe there was another additional one, concentrating even more on helping with official business.


You could also try @Marco’s lawyer or CPA. Maybe not the cheapest, but they’re professionals and should be used to dealing with shit and not giving in easily.

I can empathize. Please let us know how you get this done.

a few years ago, a frnd of my wife hired a university grad student as a personal assistant for similar purposes.
email a university department and ask them to post the job offer, you can get a few CVs to interview.
if you just need an English speaker, email the english department, if you need more professional help, maybe email the relevant department and ask for students with good English ability. Then interview the candidates and pay per hour.


This also sounds good… so I would need to post in the university’s job board?

Yea, true, they’re really only good at helping you with simple matters, like putting money on your MRT card and other very simple daily life things. But when things get complicated, and boy, have they gotten complicated, they’re really just dead weight… can’t do anything to help, and even end up being counterproductive, because they will do things sometimes just to do them in an effort to appear helpful when it serves absolutely no real purpose whatsoever… ohhh, the wonders of “face” culture.


Is the job location-dependant?

Could be if an in person visit is necessary. why do you ask? interested in the job? are you in Taiwan at least? Which part?

Might be interested, but I am in Kaohsiung…

Try Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. Many competent people on there… A fair amount of Taiwanese there. I figure you should be able to get someone competent for 3-400NT per hour, or less.

Sometimes they advertise as Virtual Assistants, Translators, or Legal Researchers.

Or try FB/LINE groups for Universities near you / related to your issue…


Eh, is that the going rate? If so, never mind.

yeah, that’s about what the pay I will offer will top out at.

you need to enter the phone number given as the ID, not in the phone number part. lol… thought this person was not showing up. Waiting for a response now.

It was just an uneducated guess.

Is that too expensive? Or not enough? I have no idea what context you are coming from. If you’re looking to hire, or work.

You could probably get a student for 200 per hour. An experienced Assistant might be 400, 600, 1000NT per hour. Who knows?

I have no clue, therefore was surprised… But given the low pay in Taiwan, I shouldn’t have been… I am early retired (or in indefinite sabbatical). I am already helping people out here and in other places for free, so I thought getting paid sounds cool. But then the reality sets in – I’d rather not add stress to my life for a job that pays so little.