Hiring a personal assistant

I’m looking into starting a small business, and if it gets off the ground I will need to hire two or three personal assistants. My business will be run from my house, and will be quite low key if you know what I mean.
Work duties will be pretty light but varied: answering the phone, errands such as banking, shopping and going to the post office, and some very simple translation work (Chinese-English) and typing. They will work 40 hours a week Mon-Fri. I’m thinking of going for male graduates with a good level of English, and I’m expecting to pay them about 27,000 a month (+1 month’s bonus at Chinese New Year).
Does anyone have experience of hiring locals? Are there any pitfalls or tips that you would like to share?

hi! the going rate right now for a graduate student in tpe is on average approx. 22500nt$,depending on their major/minor! if the person in question is fluet in english they will command around 25000nt$, if they graduated from a foreign university they will command 10-15% more!

i think you are in chiayi, as cost of living is lower tthere, you might have lower labor cost, or at least get much better educated employees compared to tpe for the same pay!

according to the current labour law they need to work no more than 44 hours per week, and can if the situation requires have to work some 3 hours more(paid) over-time!

according to the cetra database, the average working hours per capita/month is 210 hours!

as anyone who worked for a taiwanese company knows, nobody respects the law here in taiwan as they are seldomly enforced!in fact the laws are written in a way that can be interpreted in different ways!

surely, as a foreigner you need to be more on your guard too, as there are many laws which have been developed over the years but never been enforced, but if you hurt some competitors marketshare especially the big ones you will be called to face the law!

as to the number of employees i remember 5 and up as than your are required to take major responsibilities for your employees such as more involment with your employees pension&health insurance! also, your accountance advisory fee will increase dramatically too!

however, at the first instance your major problem will be, and i say major to convince taiwanese to work for you, the other will be to make them more productive, quality&result oriented! the second will be even if you have convinced people to work for you, and even if they are fluent in english, they might not interpret the way they understand what you have said to them!

so are you an abc or a caucasian trying to do something here in taiwan? what are you trying to set-up?

best luck![/quote][/i][/b]