Hiring foreign spouse. agreement not to work in same area

2 Simple questions.

  1. Does the agreement that many foreign teachers sign in my area agrees that they won’t take work in the same area. Does that really water? What if that same bushi ban also send foreign teachers to other schools and venues not on said work permit.

  2. I have a very small school where all the officers are family and I the full time employee is under my wife’s insurance. Can I hire a foreign spouse who does not need any work permits as an independent contractor. How can I provide health insurance for them. I heard that if I hire some on the payroll with insurance, then I have to cover myself and there goes my wonderful benefits.

The school is in a rural area and became legal to keep people from knocking at my door.IT seems illegal schools always get raided by police except for two well known illegal schools. I’m too busy with family to expand much.