Hiring part time foreign teachers or interns question

A small foreign owned one teacher school needs to add one more class than the teacher/owner can teach.

An agent approached the school and said that they can take care of everything. In fact the agent pays the teachers and sends them to various schools.

This agent is pretty busy and openly sends foreigners to various legit schools. Has something changed in the rules.

If not, can you get a work permit for a part-timer who already has a full time position at an other place?

Also, the owners Alma-mat-ta was asking if he can proved summer work-study positions to students. Is there a provision that allows hiring of interns.

It all sounds blatantly illegal.

That’s what I say. One Taiwanese friend (my wife’s actually) owns a branch of a famous chains school Kaohsiung. She had trouble keeping foreign teachers. Once she hired the agent, everything is great. They even came up with a replacement the same day that one of her teachers got into an accident.

Now for the small schools problem. Can a small school get a work permit for someone who already has a work related ARC at an other place.

Then school can’t give enough hours to meet the visa requirements. The school would like to hire someone for eight to ten hours a week.

How can we keep it legal.

BTW, has some thought of lobbying for liberalization of the work rules? I spent a couple of years as a permanent temp for computer support company. A bigger pool of workers is easier to manage and give benefits to. Having to risk deportation to sub for your colleague is bizarre.