His wedding ring's really gone! Should I contact him?

What colour was it?

Not unlike this one

Depends. Was it a stock Datsun Cherry or did it have the optional spy kit where the headlights flip up and machine guns come out?

Not unlike this one



[quote]29th Nov 2007, 15:52

I bought a 1974 Datsun B210 Hatchback back when I was in college in 1985-87. I remember that when I folded down the back seat I had TONS of room for what I took to college. I was able to put everything in one trip by using the passengers seat as well. When heading to Montreat going up the mountain I would have to down shift often to keep going up, but with the gas mileage I was getting I couldn’t complain. The car handled well in the snow and it was a joy to drive. I made some additions to it, truck horns, cb/pa, additional windshield washers that shot water straight ahead and to the left and right. My college friends referred to it as my James Bond car. I had a blast with that car and am trying to get one now, some 20 years later. If anyone has one for sale send me an e mail Markster725@netscape.com Looking for the hatchback manual version.[/quote]

It’s time to make a logical decision and stop the madness. You know it will never be, stop torturing yourself. I don’t see how anyone can have a healthy happy relationship if they are not first happy and healthy alone. Toughen up dear!

I think she should do him. There’s no sex like crazy sex. And if he leaves, boil his bunny like in Fatal Attraction.

Really, it depends on how you feel about him. He would have contacted you, if he had been in love with you and wanted to get back together with you, so I think you can assume that there’s ‘no future’ in it.

You could shag him to get over him. But make sure you look at the worry lines on his face, and how his arse is starting to sag and how it isn’t quite as good as it used to be. And steal something expensive, while he is in the shower.

If you decide to stay away, make a mental list of all the things that were stupid, lame, boring, etc about him. There ARE some, however ‘perfect’ he is, I guarantee it. Ask your friends if you can’t think of them yourself (they despise him, don’t they?). Whenever you start to feel moony about him, remind yourself how he used to play dumbass computer games, or how he wore ugly underwear, or how he was too cheap to tip waitresses or was going bald or whatever, and focus on what a looser/creep he was. OK, so it’s a one sided picture which is probably unfair, but you can start to think about the good stuff later on, when you are less emotionally involved.

But honey, I really am wondering why you even want a sleazy old divorcee? Are you really ugly and unpleasant or is it just low self-esteem? Is it possible you are worth more? Imagine you are you best female friend and your BFF came to you and asked what she should do. Be your own best friend and not your worst enemy.

Ooof, I’ve just noticed that you said ‘ignore the above post’. Ignore min.


You’d be hard pressed to find someone with a Cambridge degree and an expensive car though. That’s James Bond territory.[/quote]

I just want to remind J.J., to describe the man’s education and car sounds not so romantic.

Hard pressed to find? I know a man ( a female friend’s brother) who owns a Cambridge master degree and much more than a lexus. His family owns many factories, bought repurchasing bonds at least USD$ 6 millions in one time (the security trader said). For J.J.'s case, the price of a Lexus RV is NTD$2,650,000 (without tax and insurance), and the owner may have a car loan.

Another man (ex-colleague, also family’s friend), he is a builder of a mutual fund company, wears USD$80,000 Piaget ,lives in an expensive apartment and drives a Lamborghini. So what? I repect him for his nice marriage, good working attitudes and kindness with others, at least not like J.J.'s idol.

Hope lupillus delete my stupid post. To chat about money is stupid enough here.

A mess in a car, implied a trouble with his marriage? To get married with a woman is only for the free house worker? Where is his servant, if he is clever and rich enough?