Historic Saudi Elections

For the first time ever, Saudi Arabia has a free and fair election. Any comments? Looks like Bush has scored another one. Reform in Saudi Arabia. Women were not allowed… yet… but let’s see what happens. Counting Palestine, that makes four elections and let’s face it there were never any really serious elections in Palestine not during the wonderful caring Carter years nor during the Clinton years. Oh yes, there was one in 1995 an election that Arafat won for a five-year term so er what was he still doing in office in 2004? More to come? Where are all the liberal voices that are so concerned about human rights? I thought the big beef about Afghanistan and Iraq was that we were not doing “enough” in Saudi Arabia? I suppose though that most of these voices will run off just like they did when the ludicrous lack of popular support for human shields or peace marches for the innocent democratic loving Iraqis emerged. Sickening. Absolutely pathetic. Worms.

So Saudi municipal elections are automatically the result of Bush’s dogged pressure? :laughing: Notice how the bad results of government policy is blamed on others while everything good is ‘proof’ of noble intentions. That’s more likely than the Republican assertion that Reagan was responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union (which was an already economically bankrupt society). Until 9/11 there was a lot less pressure on Saudi society to reform since it threatened risking pissing off our oil milkcow. Arafat reminds me of Mao; he started off some okay things when he came to power, but then he got in the way of his people. Uncritical support of the Palestinians is just as absurd as demonization of them. Likewise with Israel, which has definitely not been much of a supporter of democracy within its own borders (moreover, how many UN rules has it violated? it might win a prize on that one).
Anyway, it’ll be an interesting thing to read up on.

Arabs have the right to vote in Israel, have political parties and serve in the Knesset. They have more rights in Israel than in any Muslim country. And who gives a flying f*ck about the UN?

Israel decides it’s a brilliant idea to launch missile attacks against apartment buildings in one the most densely populated areas on earth. Can you imagine the Taiwanese government trying to take out insurgents in Taipei with missiles? Also, let’s not forget the giant wall Sharon had built along with a long history of promoting settlement in primarily Arab regions basically to carve up the area ethnically to prevent the existence of a Palestinian state. Also look at Israel’s early history involving attacks whose main intent was to drive the Palestinians out. You seem to be suggesting that Palestinian outrage is just a temper tantrum whereas Israeli outrage (and concomitant harsh policies) are always justified. Israel certainly cannot take the Barney approach to diplomacy - it has to be rough to survive - but it’s kind of ridiculous not to understand Arab anger at the US when they see American-made gunships being sent out to bomb and attack people in populated areas.
The structure of Israeli government was not my target, it is the discriminatory attitudes and practices that should be examined. I think most of us agree that both sides are just plain crazy. Neither side can be exculpated from the bloody past. :astonished:

Actually sbmoor: Yes it does.

First of all, I have already posted the link in the other thread to the reports where the govt, democracy activisits and the sole woman candidate all acknowledged that the elections were being held because of US pressure. Score another one for Bush. How many elections were there in Saudi Arabia before that? ONE and was it free and impartial? NO so I would say that this obviously is a trend and one that bears watching closely, but the signs are surely encouraging?

The US supports some democracy. Which is understandable.
If the winners are a threat to the business interests of the corporations, then the US will try and destroy the democracy and install a new party to suit the US needs.

Example: Venezuela

The US will not allow an Islamic state anywhere unless of course, they could use it as an excuse for an invasion, occupation and draining of resources at a further date, the usual scenario will happen, with fake reports on terror and blame when a bomb goes off somewhere…
The US always needs a devil.
The war on some terror is akin to the catholic church’s ludicrous war against heresy. No end. You never run out of heretics. Anybody can be accused of being a heretic, anybody who resists in any way can be seen as a heretic. The best war for the neo cons is this undefined war.
The fundamentalist neo cons were rubbing their hands on 9/11.
The more people who distrust the criminals in power the better.

As long as the US has policy’s that irritate 3/4s of the world and continues to be the world bully there will be people willing to fight them by any means necessary and who can blame them.

When somewhere starts talking about democratic elections and the US are involved, you can bet it will be shady.

Quite right. :bravo:

The answer lies in getting rid of religion altogether. And George Bush.

No religion, no terror…