History in the Making in Korea


North and South Korean Soldiers shakes hands at DMZ Nov 2018


Very cool to see…Taiwan and China cannot do this because China doesn’t respect Taiwan enough.


Lol, ok.


And Taiwan would never want to respect China… Let’s be honest


also, because they can unite under one name, Korea, like West and East Germany did.
that won’t happen for Taiwan and ChiComm.


Taiwan could be a part of a union of Chinese states. If that could maintain Taiwan’s autonomy that would be acceptable to me and many others.

Taiwan needs to respect China as much as China neeeds to respect Taiwan for any peaceful and long lasting agreement to be reached.

The problem is the Chinese people have been indoctrinated too much about Taiwan already, they think Taiwan is weak and will be a pushover.


That would be the ideal outcome for Taiwan for most people. The problem is that the CCP wouldn’t want to share power, both because they are more powerful and believe they can take over Taiwan sooner or later but also its just incompatible with their core identity to share power with anyone.


Hopefully North Korea will open up soon. It might provide relief for the disillusioned English teacher work force in Asia.


It would be a very interesting travel destination.


What happened to ‘lol, ok’?


One side looks like they are malnourished.


Jesus, they look skinny af and their gear seems straight out of a 60/70s war movie, while the S.Koreans are a live version of any modern Call of Duty game.


It seems the N Koreans deliberately chose taller soldiers for that border photo op. Or for the border in general ?
Both sides are fairly relaxed which is a great sign.
In the end they are all Koreans hopefully they will be breaking out the cigs, some soju and having a good ole party someday.


That ‘if’ is basically not an option for the chinese. Even if something like that could be worked out we have hong kong as the example of what will happen down the line.


November 20 2018. Based on timeline agreement made during the Peace Summit the first 10 Guard Outposts have been destroyed in DMZ


If they have any sense, they’ll build some roads connecting those sites and offer guided tours of the guard post ruins.


First thing that came to mind was the complete contrast in the level of their gear.


Hong Kong, cough cough


Yes that is my point. Chinese generally think of Taiwan like HK whereas thats not the reality. We might not be China sizes, but we ain’t no Hong Kong either. If Chinese learned to respect Taiwan more, that would go a Long way to some Kind of political agreement.

All ifs I know.


I said it once, I say it again: we in Taiwan will be the proverbial chicken killed to scare the monkey.

Plus the worse it gets in China, the more they will need a show of force. With all the traitors they have in thsi island, their victory is assured… or so they think.