History of the Christian church on Taiwan

Anyone know any good references for the history of the christian church on Taiwan?



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Long complicated story… I’ll get back with more later, but Rev. Candidus was the first. Rev. George Mackay had the cooler facial hair.

I suggest a visit to SMC publishing next time you’re in Taipei.

Here’s their website (Chinese)


They have a large number of English books dealing with the history of Taiwan, although most are pretty old. You can find them on that website, but I don’t think that’s a complete list.

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Don’t need to do anything Bassman. You have Forumosa’s absolute top Taiwan history man on your case. Maowang consistently provides the most fantastic book lists and historical information on this site.

Just thought I’d add this as an expression of appreciation. :notworthy:

Keep in mind, though, that SMC has the weirdest opening times I’ve ever seen in Taiwan and is NOT open on weekends/holidays. :s I live around the corner and have never managed to pass by during opening times :frowning:

A good person of reference is Linda, the librarian at the Baptist Seminary here. She has written some books on church history in Taiwan, and knows more than most on the subject.

This is the book you are looking for:

Pentecost of the Hills in Taiwan, Ralph Covell, 1998

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and the Advocacy of Local Autonomy.
The introduction is online at the link above. (I couldn’t go to the 3-26 march, so putting up that Web page was my alternate contribution.)

Brief History of the Wanchin Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

No. 24, Wanxing Road, Wanjin* Village, Wanluan Xiang, Pingdong County
(South-East of Pingdong City, see map

*Bankim is the Hokkien pronunciation.

There has been a Catholic church in this village since 1863.

Mrs. Juba is a Presbyterian. Would you like to meet her?

“On” Taiwan? Like on top of Taiwan? Missionary position perhaps. Don’t you mean “in” Taiwan like… oh never mind.