HIT AND RUN CAR AT THE A1 NEAR TAINAN , My wife barely survived and need witnesses

Who can help

Please spread the below request as far as possible to grab that bastard who nearly killed my wife and mother from our 3 year old daughter

This happened near Tainan, She was driving south around 22:25 on the A1 in the direction of kaohsiung, just before or just passing the crossing of the A1 and 28, exit 338 Alian /Luzhu
Apparently first hit at that moment by a big car/small truck and started to spin. At that moment she (inside her car) was badly hit again by another car.
Both cars disappeared immediately.


Got any dashcam footage? Most people have a dashcam in Taiwan these days.

I guess this is the area?

Google Maps:

National Freeway Bureau map:

Google Street View:

Hy charlie

You are correct
This is the area where the incident happened

Any information about the accident?


February 3

I guess this is the area?

Google Maps:


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by the way
The YouTube you have send is not the accident of my wife, but an different

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I knew that, I was just trying to locate the place. But I’m sorry for the confusion, and I’ll delete the YouTube link.

No, I’m sorry, I don’t have any information about the accident itself. I was just hoping it might keep people looking at the thread and thinking about it.

There is a group in FB named 爆料公社. People reveal rod side story to them to bring everybody’s attention.

They refer me to a different but similar group called 爆廢公社,also found in FB.

could anyone post this accident on one of these FB sides??
I don’t have an accound in FB

I aready managed to post in another FB group, but not enough