Hit by a car - looking for legal advice

I was recently hit by a car while riding my scooter - making a left turn at a controlled intersection on the left turn signal. About 5 days before I was scheduled to leave for vacation in India and Nepal, which I still did as I had too much planning and money wrapped up to cancel. The woman admitted fault to the police and paid for my X-Ray and pain meds at the hospital on the day it happened. The police were notified. I have her contact info and license plate # on a pink, police produced sheet that I assume is an accident report. I have no idea if she was charged. 5 days later I was in Delhi and still in significant pain.

Now I am back in Taiwan, my shoulder is still pretty messed up and looks - odd - with a significant separation. My school isn’t helping out at all and I don’t know what my legal options are. Can I sue for damages, physical pain and suffering? Should I? I was back at the hospital tonight to get my shoulder checked out and they have recommended rehabilitative physio to try and minimize the AC separation. If after 2 months there is no improvement in my comfort or mobility they will schedule reconstructive surgery.

I’d like to know what my legal options are.
I should point out that I am licensed, insured and have ownership for my scooter.

Please PM me if you know of an English speaking lawyer (or if you are one) willing to offer some initial legal advice.


I am NOT a lawyer nor can I recommend one in this specialty. But just a quick word – do not sign anything without competent advice, do not sign ANYTHING ever in Chinese if you cannot read it and have it vetted by competent advice as well, or get a translation you are satisfied is accurate for that purpose (not just good-sounding, but really telling you what’s going on.) Maybe you’ve already signed some stuff, maybe no one will even shove a document in your direction again. But just saying.

I hope you get some good help on that end. Your situation sounds very unpleasant indeed.

This is exactly my situation - apparently while I was away her insurance company approached my employer with paperwork requiring documentation for me to sign so that they could proceed with fixing my scooter. When I came back to Taiwan I was told this (but have yet to see the paperwork) and am unwilling to sign anything that might preclude me from taking further action or legally demanding further compensation from her. Particularly in the case that I require ongoing physio / surgery or that I have a strong enough case to take legal action.