Hit Single Public Executions

Remember, kiddies, we’re executing the anthropomorphization of your most hated hit singles; not the artists themselves, who can merely stand helpless and weep at the spectacle.

And please be merciful enough to allow a few last words… although summary executions are also allowed…

Condolences to those who actually liked the now deceased hit singles such as…

HOTEL CALIFORNIA - by firing squad.

[Hotel California approaches the wall, blindfolded]

Hotel California, do you have any last words?

[Hotel looks down melancholically]
“You can check out any time you like… But you can never leave!”

Ready… Aim…

[Hotel screams passionately]
“Goodnight, said the nightma…”

[sudden gun shot]
[Hotel California slumps lifelessly to the ground]

EYE IN THE SKY - by machine gun

Eye In The Sky, do you have any last words?

[Eye shakes his head indignantly]

“I am the maker of RULES!”

[sound of loading ammunition]

“I can read your mind!”


No need to execute - it was played to death long ago.

“Who Let The Dogs Out”

  • time for the vet to “put it to sleep”

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT - by injection

‘Hold him down’

“Who let the dogs out? Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!”

[doctor wearing industrial ear-muffs ties band around Who Let The Dogs Out’s arm and finds vein]


[doctor injects poisonous fluid]

“WHo let the dogs out? Hoo Hoo… Hoo… … hoo… … … … … … h…”

[doctor removes industrial ear-muffs and leaves the room. assistants put Who Let The Dogs Out in a body bag, zip him up, and take him away]

Girl You Know It’s True by Milli Vanilli

And by what means do we execute this hit single?