Hitch-hiking in Taiwan

Has anyone ever done a nice, long-distance hitchhiking journey in Taiwan. I’ve done some short trips around the Taipei area (To and from White Sand Bay)…but I’m alittle weary about trying it down south, or along the east coast. I get the impression that people will just stare at me there, and/or point and laugh. In the Taipei area, it seems like people jump at the chance to practice english, like, that’s the price of the ride. Do people have the same enthusiasm towards english in the south or on the east-coast? From what I hear, it’s rare to find anyone who even speaks Mandarin in certain areas. Any tips or advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

It’s very easy to hitchhike in the south and on the east coast. Probably easier than in Taipei since foreigners are more of a curiousity and folks down there are friendly to a fault. Everyone speaks Mandarin unless they are very old. I’ve never been unable to get a ride in Taiwan even in quite remote areas.

It may be slightly easier for a girl on her own because the concept of a girl travelling independantly has yet to be grasped by many locals and if a young girl is seen walking along with her pinky sticking out it kind of looks like she is in dire need of assistance and protection rather than just chilling out and following her nose. Although it is easier for a girl anywhere I suppose, but here, people are extra concerned about your welfare.

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