HIV vaccine doesn't work

Seems the promising vaccine does not work.

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Saw that. Maybe a trial run on the Conoravirus?

There all billboards all over advertising HIV preventatives.

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That’s for PREP which is proven to be effective :blush:

The failure is for a new experimental injection type vaccine.


"Volunteers were randomly assigned to receive either the vaccine or placebo injections.

And preliminary data showed:

129 HIV infections among the vaccine recipients
123 HIV infections among those given the dummy jab"

What did they tell them, no worries, just go screw around without protection?


New Vaccine Rejected: dummy jabs recommended as “better than nothing” until better placebo found.

Oh I see. Once a day versus ONCE

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Sounds like incredibly terrible and unprofessional advice…lawsuites seem likely against advertisements like that

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That is such an irresponsible message I’m not sure where to begin. I’m no prude, but who the f*** thought that was smart?


Probably someone who makes money for a living. :2cents:

If there were really and truly a vaccine for aids that worked well, it would be first page everywhere. The fact it seems only known in gay and medical circles kind of says a lot. Be skeptical of oils with snake. Until proven…billboards like that simply just cement the idea its a scam. Even if it may not be.

So how is it so hard to find a vaccine for HIV when cat HIV has a vaccine?

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Im not doctor, but a shot in the dark…we arent cats? I assume the 2 viruses are very much different as are their hosts.

Cat people do take their cats serious though…maybe they are just more motivated to help kitties. I didnt even know there was a vaccine for cats.