Hiyawu, Internet novelist

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Who is Hiyawu, the Internet novelist here?

I keep seeing his books in bookstores, his real name is Mr. Wu, from Kaohsiung originally, but now divides time between hometown and Taipei, has written and published 9 novels so far, two have been translated to Thai and one into Korean for readers there.

And now some local film maker, Alex Yang, is making a new romantic comedy about one Wu’s latest Internet novels.

Anybody know anything about him and why his books are so popular here? are they only published online or are they printed on paper first and then placed online?

One of his bestsellers was/is: “Maokung Love Story” (貓空愛情故事) By ‘‘Hiyawu’’ (滕井樹).

QUOTE from Kingstone: ‘‘Another fashionable love story from an author who initially made his name on the Internet. This time, the story begins with a heart-breaking message sent to a wrong mobile phone number.’’



“A Girl Called Feeling”
By Hiyawu
Synopsis: The story began six years ago, when the boy accidentally met a cute girl at a cram school. He painstakingly courted her, but he found himself loved by another girl. How should he decide?

Someone PM’d me with this:

"Well, his books are not only popular in taiwan, but popular in all chinese market.

Love novel, hard to explain why his book is popular, due to the
feeling it brings maybe. He started writing online at BBS, then become
so popular and publisher find him. There’s plenty internet love novel
writer nowadays, most started writing online due to bored university
school life.

Some added physics element into the story like, “I can’t control the
flowing of the liquid less then pH7 from my eyes (tears)”

I find
these interesting and never seen before."