HK Extradition Law

Legalisation of kidnapping?
Regression and descent?

Implications, repercussions, ramifications etc for Taiwan?

Hope the beacon of democracy and freedom illuminate brightly and eternally for Taiwan!

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Why is this on the table? I heard someone said it was because some HK guy killed someone in Taiwan and went to HK. Problem is you can’t prosecute someone for doing something in some other country so they wanted to be able to extradite him.

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The HK government exploited this case for all its worth for the rationale and passing of legislation when everyone on the planet knows this was dictated from the north.

Rule by fear?

The political commentators in Hk say this law is for netting opponents of other factions of CCP. As it is Emperor Xi’s game of chess to control and sustain his dynasty kowtowing is the only option for the hkgov.

The financial experts are predicting that NYC and Taiwan will benefit the most from hk’s fallout.