HK or KL visa run

Hi–I need to go on a visa run to either Hong Kong (I can use my air miles for this one), or Kuala Lampur (I have to pay for that ticket), whichever one is going to be less trouble will get my vote. Has anyone been to Hong Kong lately and able to tell me how picky they are these days. I am just about at the end of a visitor’s visa from Bangkok and am still looking for the right job, which looks like it’s about to happen with a company that really likes me, but not b4 I need the visa run.
Also, if the company wants to hire me, what do I need to take from them saying they are going to employ me? Is a letter of promised employment enough?
Thanks for all help and good advice

I’m doing a visa run to HK myself. I’m nervous they won’t give me the two-month visa.

What can help make sure they do? Would a letter from a Taiwanese friend help?

It would be so awful if they didn’t give it to me. :astonished:

How long have you been here? Do you have a job here yet? Have you ever overstayed your Taiwan visa (if you haven’t don’t ever do that because it will make your life difficult because they will take away your 30 day landing visa for a year or more!)
I just came from Hong Kong and it’s not easy, but it is possible. Do take documented proof of your residency with your name and address on it (if you don’t have a job here, then it has to be from your home country.) It can be a bank statement, driver’s licence, etc.
If you send more questions and the answers to the top questions, then maybe I can help more.
All the best

Hi again
If you can afford a little more money, go to Kuala Lampur. It’s very cheap to stay there and the visa office is apparently very easygoing.
All the best!

im going to hong kong on the 8th of may, i hope it goes well. Its the cheapest flight to get but next time i will likely go someplace cool. I hear okinawa is a easy visa destination.