HK to Shenzhen airport transfer

I’m trying to figure out the best way of getting from HK to Shenzhen airports.

How long does it take if you use the ferry from HK airport to ‘fuyong’ (is that the place?), which apparently is close to Shenzhen Airport. Then once you get off the ferry, how do you get to airport? Easy to do?

And how does the ferry route compare with taking the airport shuttle into Central, transferring to the subway, taking the rail up to the border, then wandering across and riding a bus to Shenzhen airport? How much of a time saving do you make?

My sister is comming out to visit. We’ll meet in Xiamen. She gets to HK airport until 2.00pm. Would be nice if she could get on the 5.15pm flight from SZ to Xiamen. Doable? Otherwise she needs to wait until 9.40pm for the next SZ-Xiamen flight. Means she’ll be in transit for a while.

Of course maybe she should just fork out a little more and fly HK-Xiamen. . .

the ferry from HKIA to ShenZhen FuYong is pretty easy… you need to get to the counter in HKIA 60 minutes before the ferry sails if you have checked in luggage that needs to be transferred from the plane to the ferry and 30 mins before if you don’t… the ticket desk is in HKIA just before the temp scan station before you go through immigration, you don’t enter HK at all this way…

The ferry schedule from HKIA to ShenZhen FuYong is daily:

the actual trip takes about 45mins, but allow an hour from when the ferry sails to you get out of mainland customs… you get off and claim luggage at the FuYong ferry terminal and go through mainland customs… The ShenZhen airport is about 5 mins away and there are loads of taxis and even a free shuttle service if your timing’s good…

Taking the KCR East rail from central is an option, but with the airport express included it’ll cost a lot more and you’ll probably get there slower… 25mins for the airport express, 20 mins to get from the express to central main platform, about 20 mins to JiuLongTang station, waiting time for the KCR East rail train, then about 1 hour to LoHu… the train stops at LoHu station border post in ShenZhen city which is also the main train station… It’ll take at least 1 hour depending on traffic to get to the ShenZhen airport from the LoHu station by taxi…

landing at 2pm if you take the ferry you have a pretty good chance of catching the 5:15 to XiaMen out of ShenZhen especially since 80% of domestic flights are delayed :wink:

Train takes 40min and is quite convenient. Only problem, you have to walk across the border…

The absolute (might not be the cheapest, but still would be pretty cheap) easiest way to do this is the following: MTR from Airport to Central. Change lines. MTR from Central to Lo Wu. Walk across the border. Get in a taxi. Taxi to airport. Obviously, negotiate the fare before getting in the cab…

I don’t think the MTR goes to Lo Wu, that is a train that you need to get from the main train station in TST east.

Take the ferry, do not go across the border at Lo Wu. You never know how many 1,000s of people will be corssing on that day. The wait can be unbearable.

If Plasmatron is right, then by all means take the ferry direct from the HK airport. The last time I went, I took a ferry from TST Harbor place as I didn’t know about the ferry from the airport and I needed to get a visa in HK for China. The ferry landing spot is close to the airport. Lo Wu border point with the train is not near the airport. Go by ferry unless you have loads of time and want to save a few $$$.

If you do go by train, to save the $$$, then take the bus from the bus station just over the border in Shenzhen, taking a taxi from the border defeats the purpose of taking the train as you must be trying to save a few $$ right? There are also buses from HK downtown which I think leave from the Admiralty bus station (among others) under the Lippo center, but I have never taken the bus to the Shenzhen airport.

You take the MTR to Kowloon Tong station, get off, and buy another ticket to Lowu on the KCR, which is a light rail exactly like the MTR and incredibly cheap. I think I remember a ticket from Kowloon Tong to Lowu as being about 14 HKD…it’s all very very very easy. Total no-brainer.

I second Plasmatron’s suggestion. It’s a pleasant enough trip, customs there generally aren’t too bad, and it’s all-round a damn sight easier than either Airport Express MTR/KCR/Taxi or heading over to Lantau and MRT/etc’ing from there.