HK Visa run....Eployment letter?

I have to go to Hong Kong as I have run out of time and my student ARC expires on the 4th. I need to apply for a Visitor Visa to come back and get a work permit. Someone said I needed a letter from the company to prove I will be working (since a visitor visa needs proof of study or work), but the guy in the office is new and can’t find any such kind of letter. What needs to be included?

You will definately need a letter from your employer. It is an offical document they receive from the goverment that shows your paperwork has been approved.

The company HR dept usually has to submit your diploma and documentation that shows at least 5 years of proven work experience, plus a letter on their company letterhead with chop that shows your job title, salary, etc. It takes about 2 weeks to process and is not easy to get. If you only have a verbal agreement with your company, the HK office is very strict and will tell you to get lost. They will not even give you a 60 day single entry visa. Sorry to tell you.

The company HR guy should contact the minstry of foreign affairs or labor (depending on job) to get the details. Its not really difficult to get the ball rolling, but the government is also strict on details concerning foreign hires.