HK visa run: no bank statement

Some advice for South African’s and probably everyone out there. I came on a 30 day visitor visa from SA. Last week i took the flight to HK worried sick because I didn’t have a bank statement.
It was extremely easy and I got 60 days which they wouldn’t give to me in SA.
Take the following docs:
Application forms
Letter of invite from your friend or girlfriend with their chop on the letter(with a copy of their ARC or Taiwan ID card)
ZAR140.00 for same day service. (The visa was issued for free, SA passport).
They didn’t ask for a bank statement, however i think its advisable to take one if possible. It may have been because the person inviting me undertook in the letter to sponsor me.

Its also true that it depends who helps you. The lady at the next counter was giving everybody grief!! :moo: