Hmu (hit me up) if you make music!

hey guys!! been in taiwan for a couple years now n still wanna meet new people into making music. you can check my music our here:
you can text me on ig @kaechi_p

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Some side chain there. :slight_smile:

I don’t make music, I make musical instruments.

You mean you’re looking for people to program stuff on a computer?

This is one of my good friends in Taipei. He is a very versatile musician but seems to favor folk music or satirical rap. He just started a new band a few months ago that’s been playing shows here and there.

This is me…just relaunched my youtube channel two weeks ago. I tentatively plan on moving to Taiwan next fall, although not set in stone so could be sooner or later.

btw, your link in the OP is not working

Hey nice guitars!