Hoagie's Deli (Out of Business)

There was a pretty flattering review in the Times this morning. Makes me want to go check it out.

Thanks for the link, Doc.

That’s a pretty friggin’ sweet deal.

Wow, yeah, thanks for the link, Doc.

Looks great.

Merry Xmas. Just wanted to know if any forumosans have tried a hoagie.

I did. I did.
I had the bacon and ham on wheat. It was very good. The newspaper holder is really cute.

Planning to later this week, jfrancisco, probably for lunch.

I went in there and had the above deal.It’s served on 2 plates.
Here’s the first one:

As you can see it’s not technically two sandwiches as mentioned in the article, but one that is cut in two.
No matter, it was still good.

That was the second plate.
As you can see, everything else was on it.
It’s basically a party platter.
The whole thing filled up 2 people nicely.
Their menu is in the form of a booklet, and at the end of it there are some coupons.
You can use them while you are there, we got free coffee with them.

All very fine fare, I’m sure. But why is there an Israeli flag stuck in one of the chips?

I asked my gf that same question.
She figures they have a big bag of different small disposable paper flags, and that just happened to be the random one that got stuck into the fries.
I think she’s probably right.

that’s a kosher chip. but if you like, we can make it halal or even transubstantiate it for you.

Cool, a link, I was there too and well I tried their sandwiches and flirted with the fries girl. The tall one.

Just wanted to share a pic on the specials Hoagies is offering this month.

Happy new years. Just spreading the news that Hoagies is opened from 10 am to midnight ( Friday to Saturday). ALso New Years Eve.

[quote=“jfrancisco”]Just wanted to share a pic on the specials Hoagies is offering this month.
tw.myblog.yahoo.com/jw!h2MVFlGaH … R3h2PwI0-/
Enjoy your Holiday[/quote]

fix your link.

I tried this place after reading the TT review the day it came it. It was everything the review said it was. Nice food, very pleasant atmosphere and reasonable prices. English menu and service. It was a nice day and I sat at their outside table which was okay except you are on top of the scooter/car traffic and their was a dog that yapped a lot next door. Would probably stay indoors next time but overall very pleasant. Well worth trying if you are in the neighborhood. A clean, well-lighted place as it were.

Hoagies is extending it’s weekend time starting this Friday. The weekend hours are from 10 am to midnight Friday, and Saturday.


I’m curious to see what kind of sandwich people are interested in.

Hoagies will be closed 2 days on Feb, 6 and 7. Have an enjoyable new years.

Thanks for giving Hoagies a good start this year. We are running a special this month, that includes 2 sandwiches, a party platter, clam chowder, and more. ( It’s for 3 or 4 people ) as many who have tried our Hoagies always say how big it is for the price. It’s runs for $888.

Hoagies is introducing a cheese steak hoagie. It’s packed with beef and swiss cheese. Checkout the pic on the blog. tw.myblog.yahoo.com/hoagies_deli/.

california cheesesteak?