Hobbies in Kaohsiung

Most of my hobbies from my home country don’t seem super popular here. I’d like to find some local hobbies. I’d like to avoid hobbies that will involve me sweating more than I already do (no roller blading, biking, yoga, running clubs, etc.). I saw some old people building little models in a mall once, but that doesn’t do much for me either. Does anyone have any ideas?

I just got into geocaching two weeks ago and I can’t believe how hooked I am. It’s like a treasure hunt that involves some puzzle solving. It’ll get you out of the house and discovering areas of your city/county/country.

(As a disclaimer of sorts, I’m 51 years old so the following may seem like old guy stuff to you)

I love to play mahjong…you can practice your Chinese and have fun at the same time (but only play for small stakes to keep the fun element).

For feeling artsy, I like doing calligraphy, but I’m an extreme beginner, and very lazy about practicing, so my characters look incredibly awful.

And, since I love coffee, I’m thinking of starting a blog where I post photos and rate different coffee establishments in my area. This is still in the only-in-my-head stage right now.