Hockey Fans...Who needs the NHL?

Hockey Fans,
Check out the CIHL International Divison. We have 2 more games for the season. There is a desperate battle to clinch the number 2 position. Come see the Rhinos vs the Tigers in a Clash of the Titans fighting for the number 2 place. Our next game is 7:45 on the 12th and 19th. Come to the playoffs on the weekend of June 25th and 26th. BYOB.

29th May Game Results
Bears 8 Tigers 3
Raptors 2 Rhinos 5

BEARS 7 6 1 0 44 23
RHINOS 7 3 3 1 32 35
TIGERS 7 3 4 0 34 38
RAPTORS 7 1 5 1 24 38
Bears 8 Tigers 3
Raptors 2 Rhinos 5

I’m from Calgary…and yes we miss hockey this season. Nothing could compare to the run the flames had in 2004. The red mile was crazy.

Jeff Hwozdecki

Flames…Who cares!!! THey got lucky!!
No the Oilers…that’s a team!
Go Oilers!!!

Bring yer gear…we need another puck stopper or two but goal scorers are welcome too.