Hockey politics

Hmmm… this could be interesting.

[quote=“Politico”]The Philadelphia Flyers’ decision to invite self-described hockey mom Sarah Palin to drop the ceremonial first puck at the team’s home opener on Saturday night is prompting head-scratching in the worlds of sports and politics.

For Republicans — who are clinging to diminishing hopes that Palin and her running mate, John McCain, can carry Pennsylvania — a less-than-warm welcome from the notoriously unruly Philly fans could be embarrassing to the GOP ticket. A cascade of boos for Palin might also prove to be a PR nightmare for the Flyers, reinforcing yet again Philly fans’ reputation for boorishness, and focusing unwanted attention on the motives of the teams’ managing partner, big GOP donor Ed Snider.

What do you figure, Tigerman? Would it be a better idea to drop the puck for the Penguins?