Hogzilla, the legend grows

Is that a big ass pig?

  • Hell yes it is

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I think everyone needs to see this article for some reason. I saw it in the china post a couple weeks back and found it on cnn. I don’t think the Big Bad Wolf would’ve messed with dude.

Click the link to see a picture.

[quote=“CNN”][url=http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/South/07/28/hogzilla.ap/]ALAPAHA, Georgia (AP) – Around these parts, they are calling it Hogzilla: a 12-foot-long wild hog recently killed on a plantation and now quickly becoming a part of local legend.

The plantation’s owner claims the hog weighed 1,000 pounds and had 9-inch tusks. But few people have actually seen the hog – the only proof being a photo that shows the dead beast hanging from a rope…[/url][/quote]

It’s bullshit. If it was real they could (and would) go dig it up.

I assumed the first response was, “Hell yes it is,” and the second response was the more confident and forceful, “Hell yes it is,” so I went with the second one.

I would have had a BBQ for a whole town.

Only one picture of something that big? What, did Bubba’s Memory Stick get full? He looks a bit far back from the hog. I’d believe it a bit more if he was standing closer with his hand on it. And I believe nine inches is a bit longer than that.

It made it to the Urban Legends site. Status–undetermined.

Undetermined? It could be solved right now unless Bubba Jim and his buddies done cooked it up on the BBQ (pronounced bee-bee-kyoo fer all you city fo’ks)with a mess of cole slaw and beans finished off with ice cold Old Milwaukee.

Now them’s sum good eatin’.

Here’s a black-and-white pic of one of the Alapaha, GA, area’s “regular” hogs surrounded by “Alapaha blue blood bulldogs.”


And here’s another “non-Hogzilla” pic from that same locale, the hunter posing by the head.

They likes they hog hunts in Alapaha.

And here’s an 800-pounder shot in Arkansas. At absitinvidia.com/mt/archives/000152.html

So I guess 1,000 lbs. is not entirely unbelievable.

How do they come up with a measurement of 12 feet? If the guy standing next to the hog is 6 feet tall like the story says, then the hog is 8 feet from nose to tail at most.

Maybe the guy lied on his driver’s license and is only 4 feet tall.

Just ask the guy where hog is buried and look at the bones is what I say.

That’s because you’ve always been told that this:


is 9 inches.


I remember when the joke was six inches.

The truth about Hogzilla may soon be known.
Urban Legends Update

I think it may turn out to be Bigfoot.