Hold on to your pocket protectors, kids

It’s the Geek Test!

I got a score of 35.10848% or 35.1% if you are only going up to three sig figs. Too bad they didn’t score more for doing chemical equations for fun.

2.56% - Poser.

Pretty accurate.

28.79684% - Total Geek. Damn, that’s only because I don’t like video games, D&D or the SCA. But I think cryptic crosswords and too much time on bulletin boards should count :mrgreen:

What’s a pocket protector ?

10.05917% - Geekish Tendencies

I thought all those questions about role-playing were going to sink me.

Wanna know something scary?
I don’t have anything to do with role-playing games, star wars, comics (anime included), or computers (especially programming), but I still pulled over 35%. I wonder if my little sister would beat me. She’s into all of those things and more.

It’s that thing you wearso that the billions of pens you need to do your job don’t leak or otherwise stain your shirt. I don’t think we have them in Australia, but they’re a kind of a running geek joke. Girl geeks don’t wear them, because we don’t usually have shirt pockets!

ImaniOU, I have to say with some of those questions it was like ‘How did they know’? War Games? Show tunes? Who’s been spying on me? :smiley:

Geekish Tendencies…Whew…I’m getting better. I knew a lot more when I was 15.

Taking the test made me long for the days of hanging out with the D&D guys in my dorm watching the History Channel on a Friday night, but only after Star Trek and Quantum Leap went off.