Holding a ARC, am i allowed to be a small business investor?

Holding a ARC, am i allowed to be a small business investor?

I haven been in Tw for almost 6 years, holding a ARC, with a proper working permit : manager of a representative office.

I want to open a company locally for a new import business, not related at all to my current job (that i will keep doing).

It means i will also do something else than what i am supposed to do with my current working permit.

Can i be an investor in another company… .but keep doing my job (related to my working permit ?) without any trouble ?
In other words, is it legal to be an investor aside of my current job for the local authorities ?

Any help or related experience will be appreciated,
Thanks in advance

Yes, everybody can invest and set up a company but that doesn’t mean you can work for it … :slight_smile: you need to get a workpermit, an ARC for this company … if foreign invested you need to wire the money from abroad and you need to prove that you are needed to run the company … otherwise no workpermit

Thanks for your reply
Does that mean i will have 2 working permit ?
Keeping the current one for my current job (that i want to keep !) and a second one for the new business i want to develop ?

I’m manager of the branch office I work over here. I can tell you they will make your life miserable (thank god my wife is Taiwanese and knows some Legislators).
From signing a contract with yourself to whatever more stupidity, the CLA won’t cease to amaze you. Mind you, it took me 2 months and 1 visa jump to get a working visa and my ARC. As I would say to my wife while we where at the ARC “Non, c’et une blague. Il’s ont quoi dans la tete. ces gens?”… (by your flag I presume you get my point)…

Mind you, they ask for high qualifications to run your own company. Guess they couldn’t match 5 languages, a bac+3 degree, 3 years in the company and the complete madness to come here to Taiwan.