Holding a Birthday Party for Taiwanese Girlfriend

I just got here last month, and my girlfriend’s birthday is in November. I casually know a few of her friends. A few a little better, a few a little less. Some of them speak english fairly well, while others would do well in my first grade class.

What is your advice, in attempting to organize the party? Should I ask the friends I know better to contact the others? Or would it be better to bulk-email all of her friends in chinese.

The other question I have is, do any of you have the website for KTV? Or an idea of their rates per hour for midnite to the morning hours, on a Saturday night/Sunday morning?





Are two KTVs, I could not find a clear statement of how much it would cost per hour though, so perhaps you should have one of your girlfriend’s friends call and ask?

It is probably a good idea to reserve your place well before you go too, as weekends are always a busy time for KTVs.