Holding butts / slapping thighs: Theories

I love being in Taiwan. Besides having to walk on the road because the sidewalks are used for everything except walking, I even love the pecularities of Taiwan. I am curious about these pecularities and try to reason them out… find a history, a progression of cause and effect, an evolution of habit passed through generations.

One seemingly pervasive habit of Taiwanese women that I cannot figure out is the touching, holding, cupping or slapping of their own butts and thighs.

Often while waiting for a bus or the MRT, I will notice this. I can kind of understand the repeated patting or slapping of their thighs or hips as a way to “massage” their muscles, a kind of homeopathy. However, I am most baffled by the quick slip of their hand behind to cup their butt cheeks as they walk, climb stairs, stand waiting, or talk on a cellphone. Are they concerned that their cheeks might drop and find a new body to attach themselves to? :shock:

My butt cheeks seem fairly happy being where they are… I haven’t talked to them about the matter, but no news is good news. I think we’re all happy here.

hmm… i havent noticed this myself, probably because i’m not staring at womens butts all the time :sunglasses: i look at their chests …i mean faces… yes faces

i will have to look at some butts to find this out now :wink:

(must not let my wife catch me of course!)

I’ve noticed this too.

Lovely isn’t it?

Perhaps it’s also an exercise or circulation exercise. You can see plenty of people walking around parks clapping their hands together or slapping their chest etc.

I’m thinking of the gentle fondling that I witnessed at Hsimen MRT this morning. This lovely girl was standing there stroking the most delectable buttock imaginable. I felt really jealous.

Everyone needs to be touched and fondled. These girls are obviously not being properly attended to by the guys around them. Looks like we’ve got a job to put our hands to here, fellows.

You should have offered to help! Where’s your sense of chivalry? “Excuse me, miss, but I couldn’t help butt notice that your arm seems to be getting tired. May I be of ass istance?”

Not easy to say when you’re drooling!

Actually I was feeling a bit mentally challenged after a morning with the immigration police. Standing there with an idiotic grin on my face for a minute or so kind of helped to reset my OS for me. I’ve been wandering around with the same expression, and a (misplaced) sense of wellbeing ever since.

Perhaps I should heed omni’s comment and add ‘touching and fondling’ to the portfolio of services offered by my new business?

i think they are just checking their pants’ back pockets for the wallet, purse and cellphone. I think that is all you are seeing., Cybern8.

Next time, look closely.

'cause they know guys will eat that stuff up and they like the attention, it’s an ego boost

Well, as long as they keep doing it…

Wrong, wrong, wrong. She had an itchy spot, but a lady doesn’t “scratch”.

Or maybe she wanted to be sure her panty lines were in the right place.


Really? I haven’t noticed this at all. They probably just happen to have sore muscle on the buttock, or itches, or try to protect their butts under mini-skirts from leering. Some people stare at women’s buttocks all the time so that these kinds of tiny things are easily enlarged into a social phenomenon.
:laughing: :wink:

Hard not to stare when they slap their hands on it all the time…

[quote=“Da_Bian”]hmm… i havent noticed this myself, probably because I’m not staring at womens butts all the time :sunglasses: i look at their chests …I mean faces… yes faces

I will have to look at some butts to find this out now :wink:

(must not let my wife catch me of course!)[/quote]

Be sure to take your camera.

The men notice, the women don’t… Interesting, but fondling your own butt in public would be seen as weird in many western countries.

The answer is simple…


i am still not sure this phenomenon is really happening. can anyone document this with a photo here? otherwise, i think the original threader was way off base. what in the world was he talking about?

Use your eyes. I se it a lot. (But I’m a sleazy bastard, so I notice those things.)