Holiday Inn Shooting

Obviously a place to avoid… … 9746&GRP=B

I like the throwaway last sentence

Me, I would translate it as Big Head Ying.
Is this the hotel at Dunhua and Nanjing?

The lobby of the Asiaworld tho? Man I am in there once or twice a month, that would have been quite an incident and not one of the places I would have picked to ‘avoid’

Me, I would translate it as Big Head Ying.
Is this the hotel at Dunhua and Nanjing?[/quote]

You know if it was Little Italy in New York, there would be Mafia tourists checking out that Restaurant just to see where the mafia eat. Anyone done that yet and checked out that restaurant?

Anyone up for a ganster happy hour? We could pass our name cards out and get in with the underworld. I would like to get some tips on how to improve my wacking technique.

On the 9th floor of Asiaworld dept store is a big princess club, also 10th floor is a famous mens spa. I dont think it was holiday inn part of the complex. seems more likely it happened here. it was on tv, but hard to tell exactly where by the cam angle. (i could be wrong on the floors, but i know they exist there. I had a few euro customers in the past that wanted to experince this).

My how Taiwan has improved. Didn’t this kind of thing used to happen every week 10 to 15 years ago?

“RichardM is a wacker”, sounds like something else…but,I can’t quite place it.

that was “wacking” you meant not…

There was a correction in the newspaper today, it said the incident did not happen in the hotel lobby, as incorrectly reported yesterday, but it happened at a restaurant near the intersection of two roads nearby. So hotel is off the hook now.

…so Dan Ryans eh :s I always knew that place was rough.

seriously tho. If I was running the hotel I’d be seriously pissed. The details in the article are very specific regarding the hotel - how can they get it so wrong?

i love the bizarre english in these articles…the china post writers simply have no idea about appropriate vocab. for formal reporting so you get a grab bag of colloquialisms which seem to come from the movies or pulp fiction…i’m sure i was writing better than this when i was ten…“death on arrival” indeed :laughing: It’s cheaper if you go with the multi year deal :wanker:

It’s like, “The boss says, it’s a shame you made a mistake in your newspaper.”
“No we didn’t. We researched the article and checked the facts.”
“Mistakes like that can be very costly. If you get my drift. A good friend of mine had two goods legs until he made a ‘mistake’.”
“Oh yes I see. How could we have been so careless.”