Holidays without Mainlanders


Which traditions? I specifically wrote that mainlanders who blend in and know how to behave don’t bother me because they know how to behave. It’s the groups of country bumpkins.

But it’s hard to argue with someone who doesn’t read my posts about what’s written in my posts because he dosnt read them.

Anyway I’m off. Have to prepare myself for the New year’s traveling. Maybe I’ll buy some branded earplugs!


Bitchin’ at each other.


Oh ! That’s a standard internet forum behaviour.
There are two types of forum.users: those who come to win an internet argument and this who come to win an internet argument.

Happy New year to everyone !


Nope that was standard Forumosa behavior :grinning:. We is talking about this little corner of the internet right here.


I’m glad that I passed the baptism by fire then.

Do you want to argue with me about this behavior being typical for the rest of the internet?

Because I can argue. But be prepared that I came here to win and I will fight to the death. ZE death.


I noticed you liked the last word.

We could be here for a while.


Whenever people start arguing about something I think of a TED Talks video that opened my mind a bit. Watch it before you start arguing. :slight_smile:


I start thinking like this…


How the heck can you tell? Plenty of people started over at zero, often with new names, when the new forum software came in a few months back. I thought Brianjones was a newbie.


I am a newbie. But I’ve been reading this forum for a year or two.


Ayya, icon!I think I need your help. I caked lion travel last night and they promised to find something for me but now they called me back and said that they cannot guarantee a hotel for me. I asked them if they tried but they just refused to look into it because it is too close to the date.

So do you remember where exactly is the travel agency you mentioned at the central station? What is it’s name? Thanks


Brianjones is no newbie. His ancestors almost go back to the last century.


I replied to Chris instead of Icon, sorry Chris. I am such a blonde sometimes.

Asians don’t have blondes and therefore have high IQs.

Anyway, I went to the Taipei Huochezhan, there are 2 agencies, Lion and EZtravel, EZtravel gave me a leaflet with an expensive boat cruise slash tour in Taidong and around Kenting, 15000 for three days, so I said xiexie but xiexie. Lion travel has plenty of tours on offer, but I know why they refused, their system cannot book as late as four days before the trip so despite having free places they were not able to fix me anymore.

If you go to a website my and look for Taiwan guides, you’ll be able to find professional, English speaking guides based around Taipei and In Taipei who can take you on various taylor-made, inexpensive tours around the capital.


Personally, I know lots of Asians who’d love to have blondes, if you know what I mean.


Those are just wannabe blondes and I can assure you they’ll kick your ass in math and anything regarding counting, especially your money.


They may not be natural blondes, but lots are Western blondes aren’t either. It’s more of an attitude.


I am a natural blonde and I spotted that two of them are men.


Are you sure? I think they’re just really homely…


How can I be sure. No-one is ever sure.


There are ways to make sure.